AssetTrack (August 10, 2018)

AssetTrack Server version 4.10 is available for download. Read all instructions prior to applying the update to your AssetTrack instance.

Get Latest Installer

Contact to obtain links to the latest installers.

Upgrade Instructions

Follow all instructions in Upgrade AssetTrack.

Release Notes

New Features

  • New installer which replaces the old WebApi and WebClient installers
  • Auto recovery of form data. Recover data from a form after closing and reopening the client. Enables users to save progress on task and resume it later
  • Smart XSLT publishing. Create output files dynamically based on captured data.
  • iPhone X notch support
  • Optimized offline model to support high volume data (iOS and Android only)
  • Added database-lookup validator added to enable duplicate checking. Check if a field's value exists on other entities in the database for asset_tag and serial_number (by default)
  • Per table deactivation setting for the Import Service. Enable partial file imports by using the /ignoreDeactivationOn:"<typeName>" flag
  • Added a reIndex flag to turn off reIndexing of the database before/after import. Use /reIndex:-
  • Various TC70 improvements and optimizations
  • The JavaScript Preprocessor is now generic and can be programmed to process any type of PO Combined file
  • Within CA ServiceDesk, CustomEntity1 now can be configured to map to a number of Asset Company fields, Organizations can now map to the 3 SD Org fields, and custom contacts are supported
  • Support for CA ServiceDesk extended attributes


  • Screen is no longer displaced under certain conditions on some iOS devices
  • Firefox now has a working POLI quantity control
  • Suggestion mode on certain Android keyboards no longer fails to update the input field properly
  • Validation messages will now stay in bounds on the screen
  • Tweaks to the positioning of validation info icons and popup messages to fix readability
  • Fixed an issue with reference fields throwing an exception on upload forms
  • Empty fields on upload forms are now treated as null to prevent false validation messages in the queue
  • FIS had an issue with reference fields not being updated correctly in some cases
  • Manual search button on entity lookup fields are more responsive
  • Icons are now updated properly for field controls when editing assets on bulk forms
  • Read only fields in bulk field are now hidden in dog tag when the current value is empty or not changing
  • Updating a model on a POLI will no longer change the models on all other POLIs within the current PO
  • The bulk field peak bar for picklist fields show label instead of value
  • The scanned key field is now read only on audit forms
  • CA importer will again catch duplicate asset tags while deactivating any existing duplicates in the AssetTrack database


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