Installing AssetTrack and Applying Update Sets

The following instructions will help you install AssetTrack into your development environment and apply the current update sets that were sent along with this document.  

ServiceNow Store

A user with ServiceNow HI credentials will be needed to complete the actions below.

  • Navigate to the ServiceNow Store and log in using your HI Credentials.
  • Search for AssetTrack.
  • Click on the Try button and follow through the prompts.
    • During this time you can select which instance(s) of ServiceNow you want to provision AssetTrack.
  • Once complete AssetTrack will be available on the instance(s) you selected to make AssetTrack available.


ServiceNow Development Instance

A ServiceNow Admin will be needed to complete the actions below.

  1. In the Navigation bar, search for System Applications, and click on Applications.
  2. Click on the Download section.
  3. Install AssetTrack.



Update Sets

Sent along with this document were update sets that give you the most current version of our application and the form designer.  The update sets must be Previewed and Committed in a specific order, so follow the steps below to apply them correctly.  A ServiceNow Admin will be needed to apply the update sets to your ServiceNow instance.

  1. In the Navigation bar, search for Retrieved Update Sets.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and select the Import Update Set from XML link.
  3. Import the XML file and repeat until all are loaded.
  4. You can search under application for *AssetTrack to find our update sets.
  5. Preview and Commit the update sets in the order specified below.  If errors show on Preview please contact your AMI sales representative and inform them of the problem. 
    1. Core Module
    2. Administration Module
    3. Admin Seed Data
    4. Default Forms
    5. Procurement Module (Dependent upon purchase of the PO Module. Contact your AMI sales representative for more information.)



Completion and Verification of Installation

  1. In the Navigation bar, search for AssetTrack.
  2. Under Configuration, choose Upgrade Pipeline.
  3. Click on Upgrade, the screen will flash for a moment and it will be complete.
  4. Choose Launch AssetTrack and make sure it launches with no errors.
  5. Choose Manage Forms and make sure that launches with no errors.
    • NOTE: Internet Explore will not load our Form Designer properly.  Please use a browser such as Chrome, or Firefox.


After Installation

You have finished Installing AssetTrack into your ServiceNow development instance.  Please reach back out to your AMI sales representative and a kick off meeting will be scheduled with one of our Implementation Specialists.   


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