Authorize a ServiceNow User to Use AssetTrack

Anyone in your sys_user table can use AssetTrack.  Those users do not require platform runtime licenses.

To grant access to AssetTrack to a ServiceNow sys_user:

  Assign Roles

Assign AssetTrack roles to the ServiceNow users who need access to AssetTrack.

To help you assign the roles below, see these examples for how to manage user roles within ServiceNow.

Data Collector (x_amiam_assettrack.data_collector)

A Data Collector is a user that can scan and upload asset information from the field.  A Data Collector uses a mobile app or the AssetTrack web interface to capture and upload asset data.

  • Assign the x_amiam_assettrack.data_collector role to your Data Collectors users

Administrator (x_amiam_assettrack.admin)

Administrators manage the AssetTrack application, including applying your AssetTrack license.  Permissions granted to Administrator include:

  • Manage the AssetTrack license
  • View import sets and upload logs
  • Configure AssetTrack Server integration

Assign the x_amiam_assettrack.admin role to your asset manager

  • Ideally, create an account for AMI support, then grant this role, to help you, if needed, with your trial instance
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