Request a Free Trial of AssetTrack for ServiceNow

As someone familiar with ServiceNow but not AssetTrack, I want to try AssetTrack, in my non-production ServiceNow instance, to learn how to manage my assets in this platform

You Must Be the ServiceNow Instance Owner to Request a Trial

Only your ServiceNow Instance administrator can request trials of apps in the ServiceNow Store.  If you are not the HI administrator of your ServiceNow instance, see Find My Instance Owner below to determine who is your HI administrator.

  Request a Trial

If you are the HI administrator for your ServiceNow instance:

  1. Access the AssetTrack ServiceNow Store page.
  2. Select Request a Trial to try AssetTrack in a non-production instance for free.
  3. Login as prompted using your ServiceNow HI credentials. Please note: Your HI login must be associated as the owner of the ServiceNow instance you wish to use.  See Find My Instance Owner below if you are unsure who is your ServiceNow admin.
  4. Receive a confirmation email that your trial has been approved.
  5. Return to the ServiceNow Store page and select Try.

Alternately, contact if you are ready to purchase a subscription of AssetTrack for ServiceNow.

When you trial is approved, you may now Install AssetTrack for ServiceNow in your non-production ServiceNow instance.

Find My ServiceNow Instance Owner

If you want to try AssetTrack for ServiceNow, but you are not sure if you have HI credentials, or who at your company is your ServiceNow administrator, click on the "Don't have HI credentials" link after you click Request a Trial.  You will provide your email address, and ServiceNow will put you in touch with your ServiceNow Administrator.


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