Dispose Assets

Protect yourself from assets lost downstream of your disposal process. 

Disposing assets consists of multiple steps. See below to learn how to retire your assets, with more sections to come later.

AssetTrack is a highly customizable solution. You can design and create forms to customize your asset management activities, including this page to prepare your assets for disposal.

 Retire Assets

As an asset manager or clerk, I want to retire assets, to mark them for disposal

  1. Invoke AssetTrack Mobile or Web
  2. Select the menu icon  to see available forms
  3. Select Retire form
  4. Specify a value for each required field
    (this step can be performed at any time before saving your work)
  5. Optionally, lock the desired fields, to retain these values for your next scan session
  6. Select the scan icon  to activate the scanner
  7. Scan the company barcodes (asset tag) for existing, known assets
    Note: Observe the asset list, populated with a new asset after each scan
  8. Select the save icon  to save your work

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