Setup AssetTrack on your iOS or Android Device

Use the AssetTrack Mobile application to perform AssetTrack functions on your mobile device.


Download and install the free AssetTrack application for your mobile device:


Please ensure you received the URL to your AssetTrack API server from your AssetTrack administrator

  1. Launch the AssetTrack application on your mobile device
  2. Enter the URL to your AssetTrack API server as prompted
  3. Select the command to continue

Your device is now connected to AssetTrack (you will remain connected to this server for future sessions)

See Repartner Your Device to connect to a different AssetTrack server.

 Sign In

Obtain your user name and password from your AssetTrack administrator.

Once connected, you will see the sign in screen:

  1. Enter your user name as prompted
    Note: Specify the AssetTrack or Windows username, based on your AssetTrack or Windows security model
  2. Enter your password (case sensitive) as prompted
  3. Select the command to complete your login

You are now signed in and will remain signed in until you explicitly sign out.

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