(Feb 8, 2013)

 New Features

  • Fixed position RFID reader support. This optional module allows you to set up a fixed RFID reader in a doorway or other catchpoint and detect the passage of passive RFID tags for automated location tracking. RFID changes are sent to the queue just like data collected using any AssetTrack form.
  • Windows CE: Improved error messages on the AssetTrack client for Windows CE when AssetTrack is having problems connecting to the AssetTrack Server.
  • If your forms use a picklist field, you can now specify picklist values where the display value differs from the actual picklist value.
  • When publishing to CA Service Desk, you can now modify field values of an asset even if you're setting the asset to Inactive in Service Desk. Previously, if you were setting an asset to Inactive in Service Desk, all other field changes were ignored.
  • The sync plan designer's Cost tab is improved to more efficiently retrieve object counts for your sync plans.
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