(Dec 21, 2012)

  • The AssetTrack publishing process can now be configured to map AssetTrack fields to CA APM fields without requiring an upgrade. For example, if you created a new APM extended field named "Audit Status", you can now configure AssetTrack to publish almost any of its fields to this new APM extended field. This configuration is currently configured using the "Transfer Configuration" process; there is no user interface.
  • When using RFID for auditing, you can now tune the power of the RFID signal to suit your environment and reduce unwanted "cross reads".
  • The Motorola MC3190 and Motorola MC9190-Z mobile devices are now supported by AssetTrack. 
  • Introduced a new upgrade utility for large Windows Mobile/CE device fleets that require device flashing/reboots during significant upgrades. This tool allows push button upgrades to AssetTrack and its underlying components even when flashing is involved.
Notable fixes
  • Fixed a bug in the sync plan designer page that did not allow you to select particular Organizations to include in the sync. Previously, the page would force you to add all Organizations.
  • On the mobile single form, the pick list fields (e.g. Status) could sometimes display misleading values. For example, you have a mobile single form with a Status field with the pick list values "Installed", "Received" and "Disposed", and "Installed" is the default value. Using the single form, you scan an asset has a current status value of "Ordered". Since "Ordered" is not a value that is included in the list of pick list choices, AssetTrack displays the default value of "Installed". This misleads the user into believing that the asset status is "Installed" when it is actually "Ordered". AssetTrack will now display the actual value in the pick list.
  • In previous versions of AssetTrack, the values in the Location field were "remembered" between form submissions so that you wouldn't have to specify a location each time. This has been removed; AssetTrack now clears out the location value between form submissions.
  • When installing AssetTrack Server and specifying the wrong database password for "AssetTrackUser", the installer would notify the user that the password was incorrect and allow the user to correct the password. The new, corrected password was being ignored, which caused the installation to fail. The corrected password is now honored.
  • In AssetTrack Mobile, there is a menu option for "View Collected Data" that would use flyout menus to list the forms. On Windows CE devices, the device would often misinterpret stylus taps, causing the first form in the flyout list to open. The menu has been redesigned to work without flyout menus.
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