(July 28, 2014)

New features

  • Windows Mobile Client - enable overage validator on client for PO line item assets
  • Windows Mobile Client - Change disabled text box style to improve legibility
  • Windows Mobile Client - auto advance cursor on scan for rogue form
  • Server - Include Stockroom id and name in PublishedDataView
  • Server - Upload forms now supports model code and stockroom code for resolution of respective entities

Bug fixes

  • ServiceNow Preprocessor - Detect lack of sys_id in results to prevent infinite loop
  • iOS client - Clear form on navigation back to list
  • iOS client - Clear form on key field scan
  • Windows Mobile Client - Adjust layout of product search based on device
  • Server - Web task forms now allow existing key field values to be changed
  • Server - Redirect for opening forms includes server variable for iOS
  • Console - Underage validator firing incorrectly for line items that had been switch between consumable and serialized
  • Api - Ensure last successful login is recorded
  • Installer - When installing a new version of the server that performs upgrades to the database, if the server is uninstalled (via Windows' Programs and Features) before the new installer is run, the database upgrades were not performed.
  • Server - Saving custom connections was failing 
  • Server - Complete processing of task data from mobile asynchronously
  • Server - Order auto publishing by data collected
  • FIS - Move hierarchical validation from file reader to analysis for loose support
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