(June 16, 2014 - Requires Windows Mobile Upgrade)

New features

  • Installer - Fix web service authentication settings for win auth, fix file permissions for server.
  • Installer - Using server version from db for upgrade scripts and fully validate sql connection info.
  • Installer - Check for IIS pre requisites on Server 2008 and 2012 (Win Auth and ASP.NET)
  • Server - Added QueueSummaryExtended view to install
  • API Installer - Allow setting connection string via command line during install.
  • Console - New XslHandler form setting, "Publish each asset individually". Valid for only PO forms, this decomposes a single PO Line Item record's assets, and calls the XslHandler once for each collected asset. The default value for this new setting is false.
  • Console - Improve load time of the queue
  • iOS Client - Bug fix for dog edit to clear fields from previous dog tag
  • Server - Add url redirect for iOS and Web Task Forms
  • Import - Add support for importing StockroomTag
  • XslHandler - Add support for the Stockroom Type import field

Bug fixes

  • iOS Client - Case insensitive task form name and key when launching via url
  • Server - Importing config was not importing handler settings
  • Server - Upload forms were not including code when creating new locations
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