(April 25, 2014)

New features

  • API - The API now shares the same build number as the server.
  • Windows Mobile client - Custom and Named fields can be forced to receive the next scanned value by tapping the field label.
  • iOS client - Support multiple validations per fields, at mixed levels; submit correct override flags to server.
  • Console - Purchase Order forms can now be configured with either a read-only model or an edit-enabled model field on the line item form.
  • Console - Purchase Order forms can now override the error level of the default model value-changed validator by adding the validator for the model field on the data policy tab.
  • Windows Mobile client - On procurement forms, users can now correct the consumable value for a purchase order line item (e.g. change "consumable" to "false", thus allowing for the collection of serialized asset data). The use of this changed value is only handled by the XslHandler.
  • Upload Forms - Only run client defined processors at upload.
  • ServiceNow - Initial support for ServiceNow import and publishing.
  • Server: Saved Search - When creating the Asset filters, Asset Type now shows as a hierarchical field instead of a simple text box.
  • Mobile: Full trust for all SSL certs on app and .net updater.
  • iOS Client - Delete dog tag button now asks for confirmation.
  • iOS Client - Single-asset forms now have a Save & Clear option.
  • iOS Client - Long press on a dog tag, opens up list of Single-asset forms, for editing that dog tag.
  • iOS Client - On master and detail screens, we display textual feedback between moment scan code is read, until data is returned (or not) from the server.


Bug fixes

  • Windows Mobile Client - Viewing bulk collected data was expecting an existing asset causing a null ref exception.
  • Server - Upload forms were not creating new locations when allowed.
  • API - Custom fields were always null.
  • iOS Client - Scanning valid Assignee code no longer crashes Assignee picker.
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