(March 24, 2014)

New features

  • Console - Enable user to customize Older Data Exists in Queue validator in form designer.
  • Windows Mobile Client - Quick Sync now includes purchase order and purchase order line item data.
  • Server - Sync Plan can now be configured to include no stockrooms, the entire list of stockrooms, or (new functionality) only those stockrooms specified on a new tab titled "Stockrooms".
  • Server - Sync Plan can now be configured to include all locations, regardless of the location settings used to filter asset data.
  • API - Assignee look up now supports optionally searching the code field.
  • Windows Mobile Client - If location code is exposed on a form, the label (which used to be simply "Code") is now [Location field alias] + " Code".
  • iOS client - You can now scan into Assignee and Assignee2 fields.
  • Windows Mobile Client - Location field ... given the following conditions: 1) location code is not shown, 2) a scan pattern is configured for the location control, 3) the scanned value matches a pattern for the location field, 4) the scanned value is not found ... now an error sound plays indicating no location was found for the scanned location code value.
  • Import Service - File set import support for the Asset.Assignee2 field.
  • Windows Mobile Client - Simplified the file path information for the mobile databases in the "About AssetTrack..." view. (previously included other non-file-path information).


Bug fixes

  • Windows Mobile Client - When opening previously-collected purchase order data from "Tools" > "View Collected Data", and the "Save" button was clicked, the application would fatally except.
  • iOS client - Scanning invalid code from camera scanner in all tree views (esp Organization) did not leave UI in good state.
  • iOS client - iOS 7 removed extra chevron in tree views, leaving just the stupid info icon.
  • iOS client - Keep navigation bar showing when showing Camera scanner.
  • iOS client - Min iOS version is now 6 instead of 5.
  • iOS client - Fix navigation bar disappearing in model and assignee pickers.
  • Windows Mobile Client - In some cases, view collected data would not clear the previously-selected row when another row was selected.
  • Windows Mobile Client - If location code is exposed on a form and autocomplete is enabled, after initial load, re-opening the form would fired autocomplete of the location code.
  • Windows Mobile Client - If location code is focused (the cursor is located in the textbox), the scanned value would not be placed in the textbox.
  • Import Service - File set import was indicating updates to the database for every asset, whether or not new data was actually updated in the database.
  • iOS client - Removed "section index" control from list views.
  • Import Service - File set import was not updating the DateModified field for updated records.
  • Windows Mobile Client - If A) a Date field is on the form, B) an asset is looked up that had a value for that field, and C) the Date control is *not* touched, when the collected data is uploaded to the queue, the supposedly-untouched value would show as changed, and the Value Changed Validator would show a date time value that doesn't reflect the correct time-zone adjusted date.
  • Server - In some server functionality (e.g. Most recent assets, Most recent log entries, Asset details), the system was not accurately taking daylight savings into account when converting date time values into the configured time zone and localized format.
  • Windows Mobile Client - fix crashing issue when closing without partnering.
  • Server - Performance improvement for some database queries, including one that slowed down landing page load times.
  • Server - APM import performance issue with deactivating assets. 
  • Server- Upload forms were not creating locations correctly based on 'CanCreateAtDepth' setting.


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