(September 17th, 2013)

New features
  • API support for posting data to Upload Forms
  • When the Console encounters an error, it now shows details about the error condition that can help identify the underlying cause
  • Significant load time performance improvements for the Console's main view (post-authentication)
  • Minor performance improvements for the CA APM importer, specifically around Assignees, for some configurations.
  • Windows Mobile's Model field pattern support: searches by part control number (PCN) for the results of the scan. If no model is found, the value is placed in the PCN text box if it is on the form or the model field if PCN is absent.
  • Windows Mobile Sync Plan changes:
    • Sync Plans can support filtering assets by a related Location at a lower-than-root level
    • Re-indexing of the mobile database is now the last step of running a Sync Plan
    • Assignees were not being re-indexed as part of the step above, which led to slow search performance on the first Assignee look-up
Notable bug fixes
  • iOS: When a Bulk Form is open and a text field has focus, when the camera scanner is turned on, the text field did not receive the scanned value
  • The Console has been experiencing intermittent Null Reference Exceptions, especially under configurations with many forms
  • Single Web Task Form look-up would throw an error when a handler or form field was on the form
  • Windows Mobile Client: ValueChangedValidator would throw an error when it failed for the Product field.
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