(July 15th, 2013)

New features
  • New custom field types:Decimal and Integer introduced
  • Saved Searches can now use >, >=, <, <= operators on text and number fields
  • The AssetTrack Server installer now triggers a rebuild of all sync plans if a server database upgrade was performed
  • New AssetTrack iOS features:
    • Single asset form support added
    • Text fields now support the Default Value specified in form design
    • Numeric field support added
    • Scan pattern support for text fields added?
Notable bug fixes
  • Various bug fixes related to AssetTrack iOS data collection fields and form behavior, including the keyboard obscuring the field being edited.
  • Optimization to asset import to address running out of memory at high volumes in certain environments.
  • Windows Mobile update agent would fail to update .NET under a specialized set of conditions when AssetTrack is behind a proxy.
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