(April 8th, 2013)


AssetTrack for iOS is here!

This version of AssetTrack introduces the AssetTrack iOS app, available in the B2B App Store! Use existing iOS hardware to scan and track assets with AssetTrack with no additional hardware purchase required. You can use your existing custom forms and scan assets rapidly using camera or a Bluetooth-connected scanner.

Any device running iOS 5.0+ can run AssetTrack, including iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads. See detailed system requirements here.

If you'd like to evaluate or purchase the iOS module, please contact sales@amitracks.com.

Most requested improvements to the queue

Paging on the home page reports

New Features
  • iOS client for AssetTrack (version
  • Dynamic field publishing (DFP). This feature allows you to control the mapping of AssetTrack fields to fields in your repository system. This feature supports  APM 11.3.x, APM 12.x, and Service Desk 12.x.
  • Paging on home page reports
  • Various queue enhancements to improve usability.
Notable bugfixes
  • On some Windows CE devices, AssetTrack would begin throwing errors after waking up from hibernation.
  • AssetTrack Console cannot launch when FIPS compliance being enforced by domain policy.
  • When using the XSL Handler to publish collected data to text files, the data intended for one file sometimes leaks into another file.
  • The bulk web form would sometimes hide the "Remove" checkbox, making it impossible to remove asset lines from the grid section.
  • In the Windows CE app, when using the bulk form, if you used the helper form to create new assets in the grid section, you saw strange data behavior (e.g. duplication, wrong data being enqueued).
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