3.2.621.144 (Jan 30, 2012)

  • CA Service Desk 12.6 is now a supported repository product.
  • In the queue, you've always been able to sort on (multiple) columns and move columns around, but your changes to sorting and column position would be forgotten when you exited the queue. Your changes to sorting and column position are now remembered for all subsequent sessions.
  • When upgrading AssetTrack, the installer upgrades AssetTrack's SQL Server database automatically. This applies when upgrading from all releases after 1.49.0.
  • For customers wanting to publish data to text files, we now have a new feature that will allow you to specify an XSLT file to customize the format of the output file.
  • On mobile bulk forms, the grid section on the lower half of the form would often have column widths that would hide longer values. You can now double-tap on a column header to expand the width of that column to show the longest value in that column.
  • For customers using CA repository products, you can now set the "Inactive" field of an asset.
  • When publishing to CA APM 12.6, the publishing process can now resolve shell assets. These are assets that have a PO number and a model but do not yet have a unique identifier like serial number or asset tag. 
  • You can now publish HostName and AssetName to CA APM 12.6.
  • When publishing to APM 12.6, we've improved the ability to resolve the correct asset in APM.
Notable fixes
  • In the queue, checking out a row would reset the scroll position to the very top. It now maintains the scroll position.
  • On the mobile device, it was possible to get into a state were multiple instances of AssetTrack could start and cause anomalous behavior.
  • In Windows Mobile 6.5, the View Collected Data form did not have an OK button to dismiss the form.
  • In the queue, using the "Compare records" feature from the right-click menu would throw an error under some conditions.
  • When using XSL files to publish to text files, Organization, Vendor and CostCenter data were not being correctly written to the output file.
  • When publishing to CA Service Desk, assets that were associated with a classes that did not have a family would fail publishing.
  • IIS6, added extension mapping for SDF and CAB files for mobile downloads to enable mobile to download those file types from the AssetTrack Server.
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