March 2015 Maintenance Release - AssetTrack 3.7

AssetTrack v3.7 brings a number of new features and enhancements to AssetTrack.  Contact for assistance with obtaining this update.

Windows Mobile Enhancements

  • Add product support to Quick Sync - When Quick Sync runs, new and updated products are downloaded to the mobile device database.

  • Location audit form support choosing a location by scanning an asset - Scan an asset tag on the location audit lookup form, and the Windows Mobile app will attempt to audit the location assigned to that asset.  This helps when locations are not barcoded, as you can easily choose your audit location by an asset scan.

  • RFID encoding support added - AssetTrack now supports NULL terminated and Fixed length HEX encoding for RFID tags.

CA APM Enhancements

  • CA APM v11 integration can be configured to use a custom field for the asset tag value in both import and export.  This includes looking up an asset via a CA extended field.


  • The XSL publisher now supports attachment fields.  With AssetTrack 4, forms can be designed allowing mobile users to capture photos, signatures and files.  These binary attachments can be published using the XSL publishing handler.

Other Fixes

Various other fixes have been included in the AssetTrack 3.7 release.

  • Windows Mobile Client / Server - Fix for quick sync download on IIS 6 
  • Windows Mobile Client - Improve pre-requisite message for hierarchical fields [
  • Windows Mobile Client - Update Symbol libraries 
  • Console, Form Design - It was possible to create a blank options that became attached to the global definition of a PickList field (not by design). This created various issues with other AssetTrack sub-systems. 
  • Server - Fix autocomplete on Asset Detail and Web Task Forms for chrome on firefox. 
  • Server - Fix saved search results to show label value of pick list fields.
  • Server - Fix publishing issue with custom field updates. 
  • Server - Fix import issue when Perform Deactivation is disabled. 
  • Server - Fix APM handler to set description when publishing. 
  • Server - Fix upload form location handling to allow assignment of code value.  
  • Server - Fix error in displaying time zones 
  • Server - Fix Uberdom  Add email to assignee information 
  • Server - Include assettrack assettag in error message when failing to update asset record on apm import because of duplicate assettag
  • Server - Fix Adding audit trail user to APM 12 publishing 


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