July 2014 - Maintenance Release

The July 2014 maintenance release is available for download to customers with an existing support and maintenance contract.  Contact support@amitracks.com to access the release.

The general theme of this release was to improve usability of the Windows Mobile client while continuing to improve the iOS application.  We've addressed a number of other issues brought up by the Community as well.

We encourage all active customers to upgrade to this latest version.

Here's a breakdown of what's been added or fixed in this release.

Windows Mobile Enhancements

Overage Validator The overage validator can now be run on the Windows Mobile client, warning users when they scan or collect more assets than are specified on a line item.  Previously overage detection was only available in the Queue.  You can now add the overage validator to the Windows Mobile client to stop users when they've exceeded the quantity on a line item.
Legibility  Small tweak but we've made disabled text boxes on the black & white Winmo screens easier to read. :)
Auto advanced cursor On rogue asset forms on Winmo, the cursor advances automatically to the next key field.  Now you can quickly scan an asset tag, then a serial number to receive a rogue asset without having to tap into the serial number field after your first scan.

Server Enhancements

Published Data Summary view has Stockroom We've added StockroomID and Stockroom.Name to the PublishedDataSummary view.  You can now use the ID field to join to the Stockroom table if you want to report on location data based on the Stockroom that was collected.
Upload Forms take codes now You can create upload forms that take Stockroom and Model codes now.  AssetTrack will resolve the correct Stockroom and Model based on the codes in the database.


Clearing Cached Data fix We were incorrectly hanging on to previously-looked up asset data when you cancel and reopen an iOS single lookup form.  This has been corrected.
URL-based Launching You can now pass in the AssetTrack Server address in the URL that launches the iOS app.  Now you can have multiple AssetTrack servers running, and redirect iOS users to the create server by including the server address in the URL.

Find a detailed breakdown in our Release Notes.

The next maintenance release is scheduled for October.  Stay tuned!

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