Barcode and RFID Readers Supported by AssetTrack

AssetTrack works with various barcode and RFID reader hardware.


Smartphone Apps with Camera Barcode Scanning

▶ iOS

AssetTrack is available for free from the App Store, and supports any iOS device running the current or most previous version of iOS.

Camera scanning is supported on iPhone 5 or later.  Later model iPhones have better cameras and faster barcode scanning performance.

▶ Android

AssetTrack is available from the Google Play store and supports all Android devices running Kitkat or later operating system.


Rugged Barcode Scanning Devices

▶ Zebra (formerly Motorola)

Zebra TC70/75  Zebra's first ruggedized, barcode-enabled Android based device. Recommended for high volume scanning and fully compatible with AssetTrack 4. See more on Zebra's website.

Zebra MC40  Runs Android, equipped with either: imager or laser. Learn more on Zebra's website.

USB and Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

AssetTrack works with any USB or Bluetooth tethered barcode scanner which can be paired with a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop running AssetTrack.  Common devices we recommend include:

  • Zebra LS2208  Zebra's affordable, best selling handheld scanner.  Works well with USB and can connect to laptop, desktop, and even smartphone through a USB dongle. (Not Bluetooth capable).
  • TEEMI  TMCT-10.  Has Wireless Bluetooth capability as well as USB cable connection, whichever one works the best for your needs. Easy to use and no need to install any software. Also has two scanning modes: Trigger scanning and Automatic scanning mode.
  • Socket Mobile DuraScan 700 Series Barcode Scanners.  Connects via Bluetooth only. Durable, and quite smaller than the other options.



AssetTrack supports multiple RFID readers.  Using RFID with AssetTrack requires the optional AssetTrack RFID Module, which carries an additional cost per reader per year.\


Handheld RFID Readers

AssetTrack works with two handheld RFID readers.

▶ Zebra RFD8500  Zebra's Bluetooth passive RFID reader that pairs with your smartphone.

▶ TSL 1128  TSL's Bluetooth passive RFID reader that pairs with your smartphone.


Fixed Position RFID Readers

AssetTrack supports any configurable fixed position RFID reader such as the Impinj Xspan, Zebra FX9500 or other reader that can call REST services on tag reads.

▶ Impinj xSpan Gateway The Impinj xSpan gateway reduces business operational costs and maximizes sales by providing constant, accurate inventory visibility, reducing loss and minimizing time spent locating and tracking items.

▶ Zebra FX9500 The FX9500 Fixed RFID Reader delivers extremely high read performance, so you can quickly and accurately move and track large volumes of your RFID-tagged cases, pallets and items.


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