Upgrade AssetTrack for ServiceNow

To upgrade AssetTrack for ServiceNow in your environment, update all system components in the following order.

Update AssetTrack for ServiceNow Store App

The AssetTrack for ServiceNow scoped application available in the ServiceNow Store is the foundation piece that must be installed in your ServiceNow instance. Update it first.

In ServiceNow,

  1. Visit System Applications > Applications.
  2. Select Updates.
  3. Locate AMI AssetTrack under Updates Available.
  4. Select Update.

The AssetTrack for ServiceNow scoped application is now running the latest version from the ServiceNow Store.

Change to the AMI AssetTrack Scope

Use the scope chooser to choose the AMI AssetTrack Scope before applying update sets.

Commit Module Update Sets

If you have optional modules installed such as the Administration Module or Procurement Module, you need to apply the latest AssetTrack Core Update Set and each of the latest update sets of those items.

Contact support@amitracks.com to request a download of the latest optional module update sets.

To update optional AssetTrack for ServiceNow Modules, apply each of the latest update sets in the order below.

  1. Commit the AssetTrack Core update set - Always apply the Core module first.
  2. Commit the AssetTrack Administration Module update set.
  3. Optionally commit the latest AssetTrack Procurement Module update set.

Run the Upgrade Pipeline Script

Once all software is updated, you must run the upgrade pipeline to convert any configuration data for your instance that needs to be modified.

Select AssetTrack > Configuration > Upgrade Pipeline.

There is no confirmation message.  You can rerun the upgrade pipeline at any time.

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