Install AssetTrack for ServiceNow

This page describes how to install and configure the AssetTrack for ServiceNow scoped application into your ServiceNow instance.

⚠ This page assumes you have already purchased or selected a Trial of AssetTrack for ServiceNow via the ServiceNow store.

  1. Install AssetTrack for ServiceNow
  2. Assign Roles
  3. Install AssetTrack Mobile
  4. Connect
  5. Use

  Install AssetTrack for ServiceNow

  1. Access your ServiceNow instance at <yourinstance>
  2. Enter applications in the search filter
  3. Select System Applications > Applications from the sidebar menu
  4. Select the Downloads tab to view available installs
  5. Select the Install button for the AMI AssetTrack application
  6. Refresh the browser to update the sidebar menu with this new installation
  7. Enter AssetTrack in the search filter
  8. Find AssetTrack in the sidebar menu, to validate successful installation

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  Assign Roles

Assign AssetTrack roles to the ServiceNow users who need access to AssetTrack.

To help you assign the roles below, see these examples for how to manage user roles within ServiceNow.

Data Collector

A Data Collector is a user that can scan and upload asset information from the field.  A Data Collector uses a mobile app or the AssetTrack web interface to capture and upload asset data.

  • Assign the x_amiam_assettrack.data_collector role to your Data Collectors users


Administrators manage the AssetTrack application, including applying your AssetTrack license.  Permissions granted to Administrator include:

  • Manage the AssetTrack license
  • View import sets and upload logs
  • Configure AssetTrack Server integration

Assign the x_amiam_assettrack.admin role to your asset manager

  • Ideally, create an account for AMI support, then grant this role, to help you, if needed, with your trial instance

  Install AssetTrack Apps

Install the AssetTrack 4 app on your device using the appropriate app store:


Connect your AssetTrack App to your ServiceNow instance:

  1. Open the AssetTrack app downloaded to your device
  2. Accept the license agreement 
  3. Enter sn://<yourinstance> as prompted (e.g. For, enter sn://acme)
  4. Sign in to AssetTrack for ServiceNow as prompted using your ServiceNow credentials. (Your user account must have been granted the x_amiam_assettrack.data_collector role)

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 Use AssetTrack

Access the out-of-the-box asset tracking forms configured in your AssetTrack for ServiceNow instance. See instructions below:

  1. Receive Assets
  2. Lookup Assets
  3. Track Assets
  4. Dispose Assets
  5. Audit Assets


Contact to customize your instance of AssetTrack for ServiceNow. We’ll show you how to customize the forms, fields and business rules to meet your specific needs.



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