Install AssetTrack for ServiceNow Administration Module

AssetTrack for ServiceNow installs from the ServiceNow Store with a default set of forms.  These default forms can only be modified by AMI Support Staff.

You can configure your own AssetTrack forms using the optional AssetTrack Administration Module.  Install the AssetTrack Administration Module by applying update sets after you have installed AssetTrack for ServiceNow.

Be advised that prior customizations made to your ServiceNow instance can cause error when previewing the update sets. We strongly recommend that you work with an AMI support representative for assistance with installation of the AssetTrack Administration Module. 

Ensure AssetTrack for ServiceNow is Installed

You must install AssetTrack for ServiceNow prior to installing the AssetTrack Administration Module.  See Install AssetTrack for ServiceNow for instructions on installing AssetTrack into your ServiceNow instance.

Install the AssetTrack Administration Module

Contact to request a download of the Administration Module update sets.  When received, apply the update sets in the following order:

  1. Apply the AssetTrack Core Module update set first.
  2. Apply the AssetTrack Administration Module update set second.
  3. Apply the AssetTrack Seed Data Module update set third.
  4. And finally, apply the AssetTrack Default Forms update set last.

How to Apply Update Sets to your ServiceNow Instance

See ServiceNow's documentation on transferring update sets to your ServiceNow instance.


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